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Discovery Mornings are a chance to explore the Schools on a normal working day.

You and your family will tour the School in the company of one of our pupils and will meet the Principal and senior team over tea and coffee.

Junior School (Reception – Year 6):
Wednesday 15 May 8.45am – 10am

Senior School (Year 7 – Year 11):
Wednesday 15 May 10am – 11.30am

Spaces at a Discovery Morning are limited so that you can have as much time as you need to see the School at your own pace and discuss your child as an individual.

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Welcome to Sixth Form Boarding
"Our Sixth Form boarders are located in two areas of our campus. This is all done for the best of our students, putting them closer to their school buildings and housing them in the best age appropriate groupings."

Leigh Ware
Head of Boarding at Stamford School

Boarding Options

Boarding Options

Our boarding packages include full (seven nights), weekly (three to five nights), or flexible (one to two nights) options.

You can also book occasional nights, subject to availability. All of our boarding houses are homely and welcoming for all students.

Weekly Boarding

Boarding for three, four or five nights a week can significantly reduce school commute times and gives you the option to have your child home at weekends when you have free time together.

Full Boarding

This is a traditional boarding experience for seven days a week during term time. Our Houses are full at the weekends, with students enjoying a social life rich in after-school clubs, sports, fun-packed trips at weekends and activities tailored to their age group. Boarders can enjoy after-school clubs, social activities and weekend trips, and make use of our leisure centre and pool, or take advantage of support and advice from tutors and Houseparents during homework time.

Flexi Boarding

One to two nights a week, which can help with busy evenings or as your logistics require. This option is particularly helpful for students who have early morning clubs, training or fixtures and can stay at school the night beforehand.


This option is used more by day families who require the occasional weekend of childcare support for work commitments or weekends away or for students who may just want to enjoy the experience of boarding with friends for a change of scene.


We ensure that students and Houseparents feel part of a close-knit community. 

Our boarding community is relatively small, with seven boarding properties overall. Our Boarding Houses are age-appropriate and single-sex to ensure the needs for privacy is respected and the right community atmosphere is created for our pupils.

Four of our Houses will be for Sixth Form Boarders in Years 11 - 13. Sixth Form Boarding will predominantly be based at our St Martin's campus, with the older boys closer to the St Paul's campus. Our Boarding Houses are currently in a different configuration as our Schools are single-sex until July 2023. 

Boarding Houses

Year 11 - Year 12

St Martin's

Miss Denise Smith
Head of House

Miss Smith is already Head of House at St Martin's and is well known by our boarders. St Martin’s can simply and best be described as a home from home. The St Martin's experience, led by Miss Smith, centres on nurturing a kind and caring community, with positivity and fun at its essence, and a true sense of belonging at its heart.

Year 11 - Year 12

Welland House

Mrs Franki Hall
Head of House

Mrs Hall is already Head of House at Welland House and is well known by our boarding community. She brings traditional family values, warmth, energy and nurturing pastoral care to Welland House. At Welland House, students live with a sense of purpose, identity and camaraderie, under the careful guidance of Mrs Hall, who is devoted to creating motivated, well-rounded students.

Year 11 - Year 13 Boys

Browne House

Miss Anneke Davies
Head of House

Miss Davies already has plenty of experience of boarding, having been our Head of House of Byard House since 2018. She also knows Browne House very well, having already worked as a resident tutor. Anyone who has visited Byard House in recent years will know ‘Miss D’ has developed a warm, inclusive and purposeful culture in Byard and we have no doubt she will do the same in the senior boys' House.

Year 13

Park House

Mr Aaron Blumfield
Head of House

Park House is a fun and friendly Sixth Form girls House. It is run by Mr Blumfield who many students will know from PE, Hockey and Cricket. He took on the role last academic year and brings energy, independence, and family values to the House along his wife and new born daughter Persephone.

"Welland House is such a wonderful environment. Whether its Sunday outings or Friday karaoke, there’s always something to do. The staff are wonderful and lovely, even when we are late to bed. It’s all like we are one big family, staff and students alike. It is truly an amazing place to be living!"

Katie - Year 9


Whilst 80% of our boarders are from the UK, there is a spread of other nationalities giving boarders the opportunity to make friends with pupils from other cultures.

International Boarding

Military Families

Around a third of our boarders are from Forces families, whose parents are serving both across the UK and internationally. Funding through the CEA is available for military families.

Military Families

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