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The Stamford Schools Scholarship provision is designed to recognise boys and girls with outstanding talents and skills in a variety of fields, and to help develop those talents and skills during their time at the school. Scholarships are awarded on entry to Stamford School, although there are later opportunities to gain a Scholarship once a pupil is at the school. Scholarship Awards will be made to students entering in Years 7, Year 9 and Year 12.

Stamford Scholars benefit enormously from the additional opportunities and enrichment programmes offered to them. Scholarships are awarded on merit and do not carry a fee remission or financial award. All scholarships are kept under review and are reassessed after a period of two years. 

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How to Apply

Simply download the relevant application form from the list, fill it in and return it to us at

Our Admissions team will then be in contact to follow up on your application.

Benefits of Becoming a Scholar

At Stamford Schools, all Scholars can look forward to participating in the Scholars’ Programme, where they will be recognised as a Scholar.

Each subject has specific benefits listed below. 


Art Scholarships
(Year 9, upwards only) 

Art Scholarships are awarded to those candidates with an exceptional artistic and creative ability. The Art Scholarship programme allows students to grow their knowledge and skills in a specialist creative environment. The Art Department is seeking students who are artistic leaders and who have an original and inspiring approach to the subject.

Art Scholars will experience creative workshops lead by the Art Department and nationally renowned artists, igniting students interests in the creative world. They will be introduced to new media and processes to further extend their knowledge and learning. Scholars are invited to participate in trips to art galleries and universities.

Being a Scholar also allows students to mix with creative students across the other year groups, to share ideas, learn from each other and be inspired by like-minded people. It is expected that scholars will enter competitions and exhibitions organised by the Art Department.



Academic Scholars will benefit from;

  • One to one mentoring and guidance, enabling students to set goals and explore their own areas of academic interest through a personalised Scholars’ Programme.
  • Membership of the Scholars’ Society, which provides opportunities for students to broaden their experiences and enhance their critical thinking skills, creativity and communication skills, through participation in trips, workshops, group activities and stretch and challenge extension tasks.
  • Monitoring of academic progress and engagement in co-curricular and enrichment activities to allow for support, advice and encouragement where appropriate.
  • A Scholar’s Portfolio dealing with goals, achievements and participation throughout their time at Stamford School.
Year 7 (11+)

Year 7

Candidates who perform extremely well in our entrance examinations will be invited to return to sit for an Academic Scholarship Examination, which will take place one week after the entrance exams.

Year 9 (13+) 

Year 9

For consideration for an Academic Scholarship For new students, they will either sit the Stamford Endowed Schools Entrance Examination or the Common Entrance Examination.

For existing students, consideration for a Scholarship in Year 9 is based on their ongoing academic achievement and on their engagement with the Scholars’ Programme. All aspiring scholars are encouraged to get involved with the Scholars Programme, to go to the meetings and show their suitability through their response to the activities in the programme. There is no application process for Year 9 Academic Scholarship

Y12 (16+) 

Year 12

For students joining us in Year 12, we use performance in GCSE examinations to determine whether a Sixth Form Scholarship might be offered.

Students already with us in Y11 who remain with us for Sixth Form do not apply for a Sixth Form Scholarship, but are considered based on their GCSE results and academic achievement, and on their engagement with the Scholars’ Programme. All aspiring scholars in Year 11 are encouraged to get involved with the Scholars Programme, to go to the meetings and show their suitability through their response to the activities in the programme. There is no application process for Year 12 Academic Scholarships.


Drama Scholarships (Year 9 upwards only)

Our Drama Scholarship programme celebrates those with exceptional performance, design or technical potential. Scholars are ambassadors for Drama, who should make a full contribution to the theatrical life of the school throughout their time here. Drama activities will be the priority of a Drama Scholar, in terms of co-curricular programme, but this will not exclude them from participating in other endeavours.

Year 9 - Year 13

Benefits of a Drama Scholarship

Scholars in Years 9 to 13 benefit from being at the forefront of the cultural life of the school. They can be involved as performers, designers, technicians, production or front of house for all the major Drama Department productions throughout the year. They have access to workshops, trips and live theatrical events, broadening their dramatic experience, and termly challenges encourage students to expand their knowledge base through exploration and research. 

Drama Scholars receive specialist guidance and technical instruction from the Drama Department, with opportunities to gain further experience in areas which support entry into Higher Education courses. Drama Scholars have access to several rehearsal spaces across the schools. As well as this there are five performance venues, two of which are fully equipped black box drama studios along with two halls both with raked seating and sound and lighting systems. Each year we stage multiple productions, in December, March and often in June, offering opportunities for students across the age range.



Our Sports Scholarship and Talented Athlete Development Award (TADA) programmes are designed to recognise those with outstanding sporting potential and to further develop these skills and talents during their time at Stamford. Holders are ambassadors for sport and are expected to contribute fully to the sporting life of the school throughout their time at Stamford. 

Y7 (11+)

Year 7

Talented Athlete Development Award (TADA)

As part of the TADA programme, Year 7 and Year 8 students undertake a physical screening to assess their movement efficiencies via a’ Functional Movement Systems’ programme. Once assessed, students are provided with a series of movement ‘correctives’ in order that they can develop their physical competency. In Years 7 and 8 students will be working on a mental skills curriculum, an innovative initiative developed to help them develop mental resilience, goal setting strategies and courage. Students will receive termly talks and mini lectures on leadership, captaincy, sleep and nutrition.

Y9 (13+) 

Year 9

Sports Scholars in Years 9 – 11 focus on the development of their physical skills. Scholars receive sport specific coaching (relevant to their Scholarship) once per half term. Scholars also receive more advanced strength and conditioning coaching centred around tailored, individual development plan. Scholars begin to learn the essence of sport performance psychology to aid their development and are able to access lectures and talks on injury prevention and effective recovery.

Y12 (16+)

Year 12

Sports Scholars in the Sixth Form receive all the same physical development as those in Years 9 – 11 but with a much more tailored focus. Sixth From Scholars will be able to access performance pathway advice from all the national governing bodies, to assist with their performance aspirations. They will also have the opportunity to visit high, performance athletic institutions such as Loughborough University, informing their knowledge of high-performance sport, and giving them an insight into what life after Stamford may hold.


Music Scholarships

Our programme for Music Scholars is designed to recognise those with outstanding potential and to further develop musical skills and talents during their time at the Stamford Schools. Award holders are ambassadors for Music, who are expected to contribute fully to the musical life of the School. We expect that musical practice and performances will be the priority of an award holder in terms of the co-curricular programme.

Scholarship Audition

Candidates for a Music Scholarship will be required to:

  • Play two contrasting pieces on their first instrument or voice and one on their subsidiary instrument (if applicable) which best demonstrate their musicality and passion for music.
  • Complete basic aural tests similar to the aural tests set by ABRSM.
  • Answer general questions on the rudiments of musical theory based on their pieces and talk about their musical background and ambitions.

We will supply an accompanist if required. Candidates may bring their own accompanist and backing tracks on CD or MP3 are also welcome. Organ pupils will audition on either the Hall or Chapel organs at Stamford School.

As an indicator, candidates will be expected to have reached the following ABRSM levels of ability;

11+ Candidates should generally be of Grade 3-4 on one instrument and should offer another instrument and/or singing.

13+ Candidates should generally be of Grade 5 -6 on one instrument and should offer another instrument and/or singing.

16+ Candidates should generally be of Grade 7 -8 on one instrument and should offer another instrument and/or singing.

Y7 (11+)

Year 7

Young musicians in Years 7 and Year 8 will have access to the full range of choirs, bands, orchestras, small ensembles and music technology club, in addition to studying music as a part of their curriculum. Music Scholars will be mentored by the Head of Scholars, who will meet with them regularly to set and review individual learning goals. Music Scholars are expected to show commitment, be proactive about involving themselves in the musical life of the Schools and to study Music as one of their option subjects in Year 8.

Y9 (13+)

Year 9

Musicians in Years 9 – 11 will have access to a range of opportunities aimed at developing general musicianship and to enhance individual performance, including Alexander Technique, improvisation workshops and the opportunity to conduct a small ensemble. Scholars will also have access to concert trips and masterclasses with visiting musicians. Music Scholars will meet regularly with the Head of Scholars and take a leading role in the musical life of the school. Music Scholars will be expected to study academic music to GCSE level.

Y12 (16+)

Year 12

Music Scholars in the Sixth Form will gain leadership experience as senior members of music ensembles and role models to younger students. They will continue to benefit from all Scholars’ activities and receive individually tailored support in their chosen specialism in preparation for university and beyond.

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