Our Ethos

Everyone is different, and that is our greatest strength. 

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At the heart of Stamford School is our unwavering dedication to academic excellence in a caring environment.

We focus on offering a stimulating and challenging curriculum that inspires intellectual curiosity and encourages a love of learning. We believe that a student’s emotional wellbeing is paramount to their overall success. Our pastoral care system is embedded in our daily school life, ensuring that every student feels valued, supported, and understood.

Stamford aims to offer an outstanding, contemporary education in which students develop the ability to think for themselves and to interpret the world around them. Every child at Stamford is encouraged to be an independent thinker and take the lead in their own education. Our students leave us with a flexible, adaptable mindset and an approach to learning that equips them to face the challenges and opportunities of their future.

Stamford is a place where we strive to get the very best from each individual student, whatever that might be.

Our Aim

Our hope is that every Stamford student;

  • takes the lead in their own education
  • always wants to know more and asks thoughtful questions 
  • develops the ability to be aspirational and think for themselves
  • learns from their mistakes 
  • finds fulfilment through their friendships, families and relationships
  • is respectful and inclusive 
  • is bold and resilient, ready to take their next steps in the world.
Academic Ambition

We are the experts in education. We have a proven track record of producing rounded and grounded students who are all part of the Stamford story. We combine history and tradition with modern teaching methods, facilities and thought leadership.

At Stamford School, our academic ambition is centred around a commitment to excellence, holistic education, and fostering a lifelong love of learning. The school's guiding principles emphasise the development of intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and independent learning, ensuring students are well-prepared for future academic endeavours and life beyond school.

Approach To Learning

We offer a broad and detailed curriculum to suit all students. Lessons are designed to be engaging, and to challenge and stretch each student. 

Our ‘ideal classrooms’ provide an innovative environment that promotes collaboration between students, their peers and their teachers. Part of our personal offering at Stamford is to help all students achieve academic success. One of our core values at Stamford is to embrace innovation, so from Year 3 upwards, every child is issued with a Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ to equip them with the right technology to get the best out of their classroom learning.

Stamford Scholars

All our Stamford Scholars can look forward to participating in our specialised Scholars’ Programme.

Stamford Schools' Scholarship provision is designed to recognise boys and girls with outstanding talents and skills in a variety of fields, and to help develop those talents and skills during their time at the school. Stamford Scholars benefit enormously from subject led additional enrichment opportunities offered to them. 

“Intellectual curiosity is strongly promoted and pupils show great perseverance in solving problems and responding to challenges, encouraged by an environment where individual success and enterprise are fostered and celebrated.” 

ISI Inspectors, 2017

“Much success is achieved in national academic competitions in subject areas ranging from science and mathematics to the arts and design and technology. Pupils achieve excellent results in debating, subject Olympiads, Arkwright scholarships and national essay competitions.” 

ISI Inspectors, 2017

“Pupils form a community which cares about well-being and safety for all. The school’s excellent pastoral care system sets the tone and encourages and enables pupils to speak up if they or their counterparts need support or guidance.” 

ISI Inspectors, 2017

Learning Development

Part of our personal offering at Stamford is to help all students achieve academic success.

We recognise that students may need additional academic support and guidance in their learning, regardless of whether they have a related diagnosis or not. The aim of our Learning Development team is to help boost self-esteem and build academic competence so that students can become confident, independent learners able to achieve their full potential.

Our Learning Development team has a wealth of experience, and the team includes a lead SENCO (Specialist Teacher) and a Deputy SENCO, as well as a number of Learning Development Assistants who work with students throughout the school. This means we can provide various levels of support according to student need, which may include: Learning Development Assistant’s delivering ‘live time’ support in lessons; students attending weekly small group literacy; numeracy or study skills interventions; or students having a slightly reduced timetable with Learning Development lessons becoming part of their curriculum.

Pastoral Excellence

We have an open-door policy, so all students are welcome to drop in if they have any concerns about their progress or attainment.

We also collaborate closely with tutors, subject teachers, Heads of Year and Heads of Department to identify students who may benefit from support with their studies. We would also encourage parents to get in touch with the Learning Development team if they have any concerns about their child’s learning needs.

We believe that building emotional resilience is the pathway to academic success, so we focus on promoting self-esteem as well as developing academic competency when working with individuals or small groups. Students are encouraged to focus their attention on the effort and progress they are making in the knowledge that these key ingredients determine successful outcomes.

Within our pastoral team we have tutors, student support managers and Heads of Year as well as Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 leads. This ensures the detail of each students academic progress is also mentored pastorally, offering a complete team around an individual student. 

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