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Discovery Mornings are a chance to explore the Schools on a normal working day.

You and your family will tour the School in the company of one of our pupils and will meet the Principal and senior team over tea and coffee.

Junior School (Reception – Year 6):
Wednesday 15 May 8.45am – 10am

Senior School (Year 7 – Year 11):
Wednesday 15 May 10am – 11.30am

Spaces at a Discovery Morning are limited so that you can have as much time as you need to see the School at your own pace and discuss your child as an individual.

Our Ethos

Everyone is different, and that is our greatest strength. 

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Our Ethos

We want our students to take the lead in their own education.

At the heart of what we offer your child at Stamford is the opportunity to thrive, and to help them become the best version of themselves. Every student at Stamford, from Nursery through to Sixth Form, is encouraged to be an independent thinker.

At Stamford we offer young people opportunity and breadth of experience, which combined gives them an education that develops their ability to think for themselves. 

We want your child to be aspirational, to be forward thinking and to become a rounded and grounded individual ready for the next stage in their lives once they leave us.

Stamford School provides an opportunity for each student to thrive
Our Aim

Our aim is that every student;

  • takes the lead in their own education
  • develops the ability to be aspirational and think for themselves
  • embraces innovation 
  • be rounded and grounded ready for their future
  • finds fulfilment through their friendships, families and relationships
  • is respectful and inclusive 
  • is bold and resilient, ready to take their next steps in the world.
Academic Curriculum

We offer a wide and detailed curriculum to suit all students.

Enabling a stronger academic focus, tailored to every pupil, gives our students balance. Our curriculum incorporates linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological (including computing), human and social, physical, aesthetic and creative, spiritual, moral, ethical and personal education. 

Teachers and parents work together, identifying each student's personal strengths and ensuring they achieve what they are capable of – their progress is proactively tracked through both formal and informal reporting.

Approach To Learning

Our approach to learning is formed around a framework of four guiding principles that include creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and complex problem-solving. 

Lessons are designed to be engaging, and to challenge and stretch your child. Our ‘ideal classrooms’ provide an innovative environment that promotes collaboration between students, their peers and their teachers.

Stamford Scholars

All our Stamford Scholars can look forward to participating in our specialised Scholars’ Programme.

Stamford Schools' Scholarship provision is designed to recognise boys and girls with outstanding talents and skills in a variety of fields, and to help develop those talents and skills during their time at the school. Stamford Scholars benefit enormously from subject led additional enrichment opportunities offered to them. 


Three core values are evident in every aspect of school life at Stamford, achieved through our unique approach to learning:

1. Reflection

Learn from experience

Students are encouraged to act on feedback given and to seek help where necessary; to think flexibly, to listen, and work with others. We should all be respectful of other people, their views and are inclusive.

2. Ambition

Set high personal expectations

We strive for students to always improve, follow opportunities for independent study and to work beyond the set curriculum; undertaking wider reading and additional problems with resilience and enthusiasm.

3. Diligence

Striving for accuracy

Taking an active part in lessons and completing homework to a high personal standard is a given. Students are encouraged to be persistent and to follow tasks through to completion. Punctuality is important as is good behaviour, good personal organisation, and to be properly equipped for lessons.

“Intellectual curiosity is strongly promoted and pupils show great perseverance in solving problems and responding to challenges, encouraged by an environment where individual success and enterprise are fostered and celebrated.” 

ISI Inspectors, 2017

“Much success is achieved in national academic competitions in subject areas ranging from science and mathematics to the arts and design and technology. Pupils achieve excellent results in debating, subject Olympiads, Arkwright scholarships and national essay competitions.” 

ISI Inspectors, 2017

“Pupils form a community which cares about well-being and safety for all. The school’s excellent pastoral care system sets the tone and encourages and enables pupils to speak up if they or their counterparts need support or guidance.” 

ISI Inspectors, 2017

Learning Development

Part of our tailored and personal offering at Stamford is to help all students achieve academic success.

We recognise that students may need additional academic support and guidance in their learning, regardless of whether they have a related diagnosis or not. The aim of our Learning Development team is to help boost self-esteem and build academic competence so that students can become confident, independent learners able to achieve their full potential.

Our Learning Development team has a wealth of experience, and the team includes a lead SENCO (Specialist Teacher) and a Deputy SENCO, as well as a number of Learning Development Assistants who work with students throughout the school. This means we can closely tailor the support we offer to the requirements of our students and provide various levels of support according to need. This may include Learning Development Assistant’s delivering ‘live time’ support in lessons, students attending weekly small group literacy, numeracy or study skills interventions, or students having a slightly reduced timetable with Learning Development lessons becoming part of their curriculum.

We have an open-door policy, so all students are welcome to drop in if they have any concerns about their progress or attainment.

We also collaborate closely with subject teachers and academic departments to identify students who may benefit from support with their studies. We would also encourage parents to get in touch with the SENCO or Deputy SENCO if they have any concerns about their child’s learning needs.

We believe that building resilience is the pathway to academic success for students who face challenges with learning, so we focus on promoting self-esteem as well as developing academic competency when working with individuals or small groups. Students are encouraged to focus their attention on the effort and progress they are making in the knowledge that these key ingredients determine successful outcomes.

Surface Pro 7+

Every school student, from year 3 upwards, is issued with a Microsoft Surface Pro 7+

Embracing Innovation

One of our core values at Stamford is to embrace innovation. 

Each student is equipped with the right technology to enable them to get the best out of their classroom learning. We have a fantastic custom built Design Studio and state of the art equipment to allow students the opportunity to let their imagination lead the way. We very much believe that technology should and can aid educational learning.

Dr Aubrey-Smith's Report

At Stamford we recognise the enormous benefits of technology to support teaching and learning.

This view is endorsed by an independent research project lead by Dr Fiona Aubrey-Smith (named by Education Business as one of the fifty most influential people in education 2022).

The Report Summary

93% of our students were very pleased to have a central storage place for all teaching materials, with on-demand access

The report supports our view that devices provide flexibility and allow your child to develop their digital fluency, embedding habits and skills that equip our students for higher education, the workplace, and their lifelong learning journey.

75% of Stamford students felt having their own one to one device has had a significantly positive impact on their learning

89% of our students felt that the use of digital technology made specific subject knowledge more accessible and engaging

85% of Stamford students said they regularly access teaching and learning materials on demand outside of the classroom

86% of our students felt that having a personal device directly prepared them for life beyond secondary school

The broader your child's interests, the better chance they will have in finding activities they love and enjoy. 

Core Arts Offered

Our Arts programme encompasses a comprehensive programme of Art, Drama, Dance and Music. 


Vibrant and varied, striving to develop curious, creative and informed pupils.

The art department is made up of six specialist teachers whose backgrounds include Architecture, Illustration, Fine Art and Sculpture and our incredible technician who helps to realise the technical ambition of our students. The Art Department leads trips regularly to London, Yorkshire and Cambridge, and abroad, most recently to Paris.



Dance at Stamford goes beyond the curriculum

For our nursery, KS1 and KS2 students we offer dance as a lunchtime club, with KS1 and KS2 being taught by dance teachers from The Welland School of Dancing. In line with the national curriculum, our KS3 students cover dance within their PE curriculum which is taught by the Stamford PE teaching team. Dance is offered as an option for students at KS4 and KS5, which again is taught by dance teachers from our local dance school, Welland School of Dancing.

Additional co-curricular dance provision and opportunities are available too, provided in a combination of both the drama and sports department.



Our Drama department is a vibrant and inclusive

Every child, whether they are a performer, director, choreographer, designer or technician, we encourage them and their creativity and collaboration in all areas

We offer a range of performance opportunities for all levels of ability, with informal and formal shows along with house drama and dance competitions. At all levels there is the opportunity for your child to take part should they wish to. We believe that all performance is valuable, whether it be in the large-scale senior musical or a one-off presentation of curriculum work.

We also have a scholars programme that nurtures our gifted and talented.



Music flows throughout our Stamford Schools

The 20 strong music department teach across the Nursery, Junior, Senior and Sixth Form. Our ethos at Stamford is to engender a lifelong love of music. For students to appreciate all styles and genres of music, to remain active participants performing in instrumental ensembles and choirs throughout their lives, and for students to support the arts by attending concerts and festivals. 

Our breadth of offering within music is broad, with academic music from reception until Year 9, GCSE Music, A-level Music and Music Technology.

Enthusiasm and brave experimentation are at the heart of what we do.

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