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Discovery Mornings are a chance to explore the Schools on a normal working day.

You and your family will tour the School in the company of one of our pupils and will meet the Principal and senior team over tea and coffee.

Junior School (Reception – Year 6):
Wednesday 15 May 8.45am – 10am

Senior School (Year 7 – Year 11):
Wednesday 15 May 10am – 11.30am

Spaces at a Discovery Morning are limited so that you can have as much time as you need to see the School at your own pace and discuss your child as an individual.


Where discovery, independence and curiosity are nurtured. 

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"The curriculum provided here is broad, balanced and stimulating to enable all of our children to achieve their best."

Sarah Buttress
Deputy Head Academic - Stamford Junior School

The Curriculum

We aim to promote a love of learning and joy in discovery which are both essential aspects of our ‘Independent Learning, Intellectual Curiosity’ (ILIC) ethos. 

Through ILIC at Stamford we aim to foster creativity in your child. At Stamford we follow the National Curriculum but with the addition of a great deal more. 

For example, the majority of children will play a musical instrument, they will experience an exciting introduction to Modern Foreign Languages, focusing on Spanish and French, as well as educational visits including residential trips to develop independence staying away from home.

We believe open-ended enquiry enhances your child’s critical thinking.
Our Lessons

Our lessons are driven by curiosity about our subjects.

Lessons are varied in terms of style, content, breadth and use of resources because we believe that, by taking a varied approach to teaching, we will extend every child and help them to achieve their potential. 

Individuality is Important

At Stamford we focus on your child as an individual.

We are constantly evaluating and evolving our practice to provide the most diverse and inspirational educational opportunities we can.

Critical Thinking

All of our children learn to look closely, to see the world around them and to investigate it.

There needs to be a continual connection between thinking and doing and this develops as children move through the Junior School.

Scientists and Artists are concerned with exploring ‘What is true? Why does it matter?’ and, critically, ‘How can we move forward?’ That is what we at Stamford identify as critical thinking of the future.

"At Stamford Junior School we are committed to providing an environment which encourages all children to maximise their potential."

Sarah Buttress
Deputy Head Academic - Stamford Junior School

Gifted and Talented

We are very proud of our pupils who display some form of high ability, talent and/or giftedness. 

Through provision for, and inclusion of, more able and talented children we will:

  • Enable children to become happy, secure, and enthusiastic lifelong learners and achieve their personal greatness.
  • Make children the centre of everything we do, where they are challenged through a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Develop an inclusive environment and school ethos where individual needs are respected, and diversity celebrated.
  • Provide learning and teaching strategies which encourage and motivate children.
  • Encourage and support children to persevere, succeed and achieve their full potential.
  • Promote creativity and enjoyment throughout all areas of the curriculum.
  • Inspire children to have the courage to overcome challenges.
Inclusive Learning

We recognise that within our school, there is a range of different abilities, and we celebrate this.

In providing for the needs of learners as individuals we promote an inclusive learning environment. Our small class sizes make learning better for all.

SEN & Learning Development

For those needing more we offer high quality special needs support. 

For those children that require more support in the classroom, we offer your child high quality special needs support to meet their needs as an individual. 

We have a full time, non-teaching SENCO who can provide dedicated support with all SEN requirements.

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