Ensuring that our students are happy and healthy.

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"We provide our students with a strong support network through tutors, teachers, boarding staff, student support managers and the health and wellbeing team. All are available for advice and support."

Libby Searle
Head of Pastoral

Our support teams work around your child, giving them the framework they need to become young adults.
Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at Stamford sits at the heart of everything we do for your child.

The health and wellbeing of all of our students is paramount to our daily lives at our school; we know that happy and healthy students are more likely to thrive and achieve their full potential. Our aim for your child whilst they are at Stamford is to unlock their potential to be the best version of themselves; and for that to happen they need an excellent pastoral provision.

Our Approach

Our pastoral programme is given the highest priority.

As a School we are caring, friendly and know that happy, cared-for children are most likely to thrive.

Form Tutors develop good relationships with each member of their set and are quickly able to identify problems. Our pastoral team works together to provide a happy and fulfilling environment for our students.

Pastoral Team

Our behaviour, health and wellbeing, and safeguarding teams all work under one Pastoral umbrella

By having these different support teams, we can offer your child a different point of contact for any concerns, issues or worries they may have.

We treat every child as an individual, ensuring they leave us as rounded and grounded young adults ready for the next stage in their lives. We aim to build resilience in your children to enable them to have strong wellbeing. We work with parents, tutors, teachers, boarding staff and our wider school community to give our students the tools they need in life to cope with the challenges life can throw at us.


All staff at Stamford have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which children can learn.

All our staff are aware of indicators of abuse and neglect. They are able to identify cases of children who may be in need of help or protection and can inform the right people who can take action.

Anna Kennedy
Assistant Head Pastoral (Safeguarding & Clinical Services)

Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL)

Anna Kennedy – Stamford School

Claire Hughes – Stamford Junior School

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (DDSL)

Stamford School

Katie Dexter – Assistant Head Pastoral
Chris Hawkins – Assistant Head, Stamford Sixth Form
Nisha Odedra – Teacher of Philosophy & Ethics
Rev. Matthew Phillips – Chaplain
Libby Searle – Deputy Head Pastoral

Stamford Junior School

Sarah Buttress – Deputy Head Academic
Wendy Suter – Special Education Needs Coordinator

Designated Safeguarding Governor – Dr Emelia Wawrzkowicz

Support & Concerns

We have recently introduced the MyVoice reporting system, which provides a secure and anonymous platform for reporting concerns and can be used by both students and parents.

Our Child Safeguarding Policy can be found here and on our policies pages.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

We have a strong focus on health and wellbeing across all our Schools.

We see the support of our young people’s physical and mental health as an essential element to their success.


Our confidentiality policy enables students to trust in our supporting teams.

Health and wellbeing advice and emotional support are available to students and families via the pastoral team, boarding staff, Heads of Year, tutors, student managers, Chaplain and the health and wellbeing team.

Where there is considered a risk of harm, information is shared appropriately, keeping safeguarding at the forefront of our approach.


The Health and Wellbeing centres at each site offer a calm and safe space for pupils.

The nursing team all have extensive experience, allowing them to deliver high standards of holistic and proactive care. Nurse–led ‘drop–in’ clinics are available throughout the school day, and the facilities are well equipped to do first aid and manage pupils with long term chronic health conditions.

The centres also provide health promotion - equipping students with the life skills required to manage their own health and wellbeing in the long-term. Our trained professional school counsellors are also available to all students if needing extra support.

Meet our Health & Wellbeing Team

Phoenix Rooms

Phoenix Rooms

The Phoenix Rooms are quiet spaces where students can retreat when overwhelmed. 

Students can seek support from a member of the pastoral team or sit quietly with friends. A programme of lunchtime activities designed to support wellbeing and resilience is run by a team of Phoenix Prefects who have been trained in providing support by our counsellors and pastoral staff.

We believe that all of our young people sometimes need a place of sanctuary, so we have plans to introduce more Phoenix Rooms so all our students can benefit from them.

Student Initiative

A student-led wellbeing and resilience initiative.

The Phoenix Rooms are equipped with a range of games and activities that students can engage with to help shift their focus away from things they may be anxious about. These include word games and board games and construction sets of various kinds, as well as tactile objects which can be therapeutic to handle.

As part of the enhancement of our pastoral offering, we plan to extend the provision of the Phoenix Rooms across the School. Our first Phoenix Room was introduced at Stamford High School in September 2021, as part of the wider Phoenix Project, which is a student-led wellbeing and resilience initiative.

"A balanced diet helps encourage a healthy lifestyle and provides pupils with the nutrition to perform to the best of their ability."

Libby Searle  Head of Pastoral

Food and Nutrition

Fresh All Round

All our meals use fresh ingredients, freshly cooked daily on-site.

We use a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fresh fruit and vegetables, and the inclusion of oily fish to ensure a well-rounded diet. Our menus are based on a 3-week cycle to ensure a good variety of meal choices.

The food requirements and preferences for 11 and 12 year olds vary greatly to those who are 17 and 18. We want to ensure our menus are age appropriate and offer the right food, at the right time, in the right way to our pupils in order to enhance their ability to learn.

Holroyd Howe

Stamford School partners with Holroyd Howe to deliver high quality food.

As a school, we recognise that the expectation of food standards has developed considerably over the last few years and working with Holroyd Howe will allow us to keep ahead of food trends. As a school we need to be on the front foot of menu development and the nutritional requirements. We feel a specialised catering partner can enhance our knowledge and development.

Click here for the Parents' Booklet

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We serve on average 272,000 lunches & 47,600 boarders’ meals a year!



The School Chapel is located at the centre of the Stamford School's St Paul’s Site.

When the School is open, the Chapel is available for any student, member of staff or parent to use. There are regular services on Sundays and most days during the week, and we celebrate the important festivals and occasions; including Advent, Christmas, Remembrance and Commemoration.

Faith and Heritage

Our values reflect the faith upon which the Stamford Endowed Schools were founded.

We are a Christian foundation and as such welcome students of all faiths and none. We hope to share values that we can all find in common: reverence for life, service, compassion, forgiveness, justice, community, humility, friendship and thankfulness.

The Chapel has had an interesting history and is one of the oldest buildings at the Schools.

The Schools’ Chaplain

Reverend Matthew Phillips joined as the Schools’ Chaplain at the beginning of April 2022.

Matthew currently teaches Philosophy and Ethics, as well as supporting the outdoor education of the Schools. From September 2023, Matthew will combine his role as Chaplain along with the Head of PSHE. 

Matthew has a wealth of experience working pastorally with young people in both community and school-based roles. 

School House System

Stamford School Houses

We are incredibly proud of our School houses. Our house system mixes pupils from across all our schools to partake in competitions to enrich their school experience.

This provides younger pupils with good role models and creates a sense of responsibility for the senior students as they take on more of a mentor and support role towards the lower years.

Students will stay in the same colour of house, as they move from the junior system to the senior system.

Blue House

Radcliffe in Years 7 – 9, Eliot in Years 10 – 13

Green House

Exeter in Years 7 – 9, Cavell in Years 10 – 13

Red House

Beale in Years 7 – 9, Ancaster in Years 10 – 13

Yellow House

Anderson in Years 7 – 9, Brazenose in Years 10 – 13

Concerns and Parent Support

Resources For You

We know sometimes outside agencies offer the best advice for parents

We recommend the following sites for further reading, however, we are always available if you want to talk. 


Signposting children to supportive places in times of need.


Improving children's mental health in schools. A place to get advise on counselling and support.

Pastoral Team

If you have a concern about yourself or a pupil and want to speak to our own professional counsellors please do get in touch.