Year 7 Assessment & Interview Morning

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The deadline to apply for Year 7 is Friday 15 December 2023. The Assessment & Interview Morning takes place Saturday 13 Jan 2024.


Please see below details of our fees for Academic Year 2022-23

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Stamford Nursery School Fees

Owls: Pre-school year | Badgers: From the age of 2 years old

Registration Fee
Payable on Registration



Morning Session: 8am to 1pm – including breakfast & lunch


Owls – £37.35
Badgers – £38.45

Afternoon Session: 12 to 5pm – including lunch


Owls – £35.75
Badgers – £37.15

After Nursery School Care: 5pm to 6pm – including tea (per day)



All Day: 8am to 5pm – including two meals


Owls – £62.65
Badgers – £64.70

All Day: 8am to 6pm – including three meals


Owls – £69.25
Badgers – £71.35

Stamford Junior School Fees

Day Reception (including lunch)

Termly Fee*:


Annual Fee:


Day Years 1-2 (including lunch)

Termly Fee*:


Annual Fee:


Day Years 3-6 (including lunch)

Termly Fee*:


Annual Fee:


Boarding - 7 Day (Non-UK)^

Termly Fee*:


Annual Fee:


Boarding - 7 Day (UK)

Termly Fee*:


Annual Fee:


Boarding - 5 Day

Termly Fee*:


Annual Fee:


Boarding - 4 Day

Termly Fee*:


Annual Fee:


Boarding - 3 Day

Termly Fee*:


Annual Fee:


Flexi boarding per night

Termly Fee*:


Flexi boarding, Friday & Saturday night package

Termly Fee*:


Junior Extras
Music per (10 lessons) term - individual£275.00
Music (10 lessons) per term - in pairs£137.50
Instrument Hire per term for first 2 years (or 3 years for Oboe/Bassoon/Tuba/Saxophone)£40.00
Instrument Hire per term after 2 years (or 3 years for Oboe/Bassoon/Tuba/Saxophone)£80.00
Dancing (per term)£50.00
Ballet (per term)£50.00
Tap dancing (per term)£50.00
Speech and drama (per term) - Group£108.00
Before school care (per day)£5.50
After school care (until 5:00pm) (per day)£5.50
After school care (until 6:00pm) (per day)£11.00
After school care (after an activity) 5:00pm until 6:00pm (per day)£5.50
After school care (until 6:45pm) with supper£17.50
After school care (until 8.00pm) with supper£23.00

Administrative Costs
Application Fee£100
Please see the Schools’ Terms and Conditions for information on how and when the Acceptance Fee and/or the Additional Deposit may be refunded.
Acceptance Fee
Payable by the parents of each pupil on acceptance of a place.
International Deposit
Only to be paid by international pupils. To be held against the last terms fee.

* School fees are an annual fee that for billing purposes are split evenly over the three terms.
^ We charge a higher fee for non-UK boarding pupils to cover additional administration costs.

Senior School Fees

Looking for fees for the Senior school? Follow the link below.

Sixth Form Fees

Looking for fees for Sixth form? Follow the link below.

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