Junior and Nursery 2-11yrs


Modern, forward-thinking and vibrant.

Head's Welcome
"Our work is a partnership with our parents and we will work with you to find, ignite and support your child’s passions."

Matthew O'Reilly
Head of Stamford Junior School

Stamford Junior School is a forward-thinking, bright and vibrant community of learners.

At Stamford Junior School, everything we do is driven by your child’s learning and development. 

From your child's first days in the nursery, we take their interests as the starting point. By responding to the tiny details that capture their imagination, and being agile and adaptable in how we build our programme, our staff inspire exceptional engagement with learning.

Our Junior School is every child’s greatest chance to discover as many new things as possible – to try interests and activities on for size, and to spend every day discovering that the world is bigger and more exciting than they imagined. We have a clear purpose in our learning and, although your child should never feel undue pressure, they will learn to understand that excellence is a positive.

We make sure every child understands brilliance as striving to achieve their own personal best: not to measure themselves against the goals or performance of others, but to build on yesterday’s experiences to go even further today.

Above all, we value happiness. Happiness comes from the confidence of being supported, understood and listened to. It comes from taking on and succeeding in new challenges that seemed impossible yesterday. It comes from being valued as an individual. It comes from feeling secure in a community that values kindness, effort and curiosity.

We are that community. We would love to welcome you, and help you discover Stamford Junior School.

Our Ethos

To offer a nurturing, home from home environment for your child to learn and grow.

Our main objective at Stamford is to work in partnership with parents to raise confident and down to earth children, who are curious and engaged in the world around them.

Outdoor Learning

There is considerable evidence that suggests that time spent outdoors in nature increases life expectancy, improves wellbeing, reduces symptoms of depression and increases a child’s ability to function in school. Outdoor Learning at Stamford encourages our pupils resilience, risk taking, physical confidence, problem solving, emotional wellbeing and self-belief.

Our Outdoor Learning Programme gives opportunity for all of these things to be nurtured and encouraged. We believe that to give our children a fully rounded education, and the best start in life, time spent outside developing a connection with nature is crucial.

Social and emotional development, as well as physical development are supported by the transferable skills which children have the time and space to develop at Stamford Junior School.


We have so many clubs and activities, children are spoilt for choice!

Additional paid lessons in music, speech and drama, dance and some sports are also available.

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