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Discovery Mornings are a chance to explore the Schools on a normal working day.

You and your family will tour the School in the company of one of our pupils and will meet the Principal and senior team over tea and coffee.

Junior School (Reception – Year 6):
Wednesday 15 May 8.45am – 10am

Senior School (Year 7 – Year 11):
Wednesday 15 May 10am – 11.30am

Spaces at a Discovery Morning are limited so that you can have as much time as you need to see the School at your own pace and discuss your child as an individual.

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Welcome to Senior Boarding 
"We pride ourselves on our welcoming community for students wishing to board with us. Our boarding houses are small, which ensures pupils and Houseparents feel part of a close-knit community, and no child is ever overlooked."

Leigh Ware
Head of Boarding at Stamford School

Our Boarding Options

Boarding Options

Our boarding packages include full (seven nights), weekly (three to five nights), or flexible (one to two nights) options.

You can also book occasional nights, subject to availability. All of our boarding houses are homely and welcoming for all students.

Weekly Boarding

Boarding for three, four or five nights a week can significantly reduce school commute times and gives you the option to have your child home at weekends when you have free time together.

Full Boarding

This is a traditional boarding experience for seven days a week during term time. Our Houses are full at the weekends, with students enjoying a social life rich in after-school clubs, sports, fun-packed trips at weekends and activities tailored to their age group. Boarders can enjoy after-school clubs, social activities and weekend trips, and make use of our leisure centre and pool, or take advantage of support and advice from tutors and Houseparents during homework time.

Flexi Boarding

One to two nights a week, which can help with busy evenings or as your logistics require. This option is particularly helpful for students who have early morning clubs, training or fixtures and can stay at school the night beforehand.


This option is used more by day families who require the occasional weekend of childcare support for work commitments or weekends away or for students who may just want to enjoy the experience of boarding with friends for a change of scene.

Boarding Houses


We ensure pupils and boarding staff feel part of a close-knit community.

Our boarding community is relatively small, with seven boarding properties overall. Our Boarding Houses are age-appropriate and single-sex to ensure the needs for privacy is respected and the right community atmosphere is created for our pupils.

Five of our Houses are for Senior Boarders in Years 7 - 11. Senior Boarding will predominantly be based at our St Paul's campus with the older girls closer to the St Martin's campus.

Year 7 - Year 10 Boys

Byard House

Mr Dion Di Cataldo
Head of House

Mr Di Cataldo has previously been the Assistant Housemaster for Byard. He is also currently the Acting Head of Boys' Sport at Stamford School and will bring with him energy and experience both in pastoral leadership and people management. The boys and tutor team in Byard will already know him very well and we are sure this will help with the transition.

Year 7 - Year 10 Girls

St Paul's House

Mrs Rae Burns
Head of House

Mrs Burns was the student support manager at Stamford, supporting students with their mental health and wellbeing. Mrs Burns has a wealth of pastoral experience, having previously worked as a Houseparent in other boarding schools and fulfilled multiple pastoral roles. In addition to this she has had significant involvement with a military bereavement charity.

Year 11 - Year 12

St Martin's

Miss Denise Smith
Head of House

Miss Smith is already Head of House at St Martin's and is well known by our boarders. St Martin’s can simply and best be described as a home from home. The St Martin's experience, led by Miss Smith, centres on nurturing a kind and caring community, with positivity and fun at its essence, and a true sense of belonging at its heart.

Year 11 - Year 12

Welland House

Mrs Franki Hall
Head of House

Mrs Hall is already Head of House at Welland House and is well known by our boarding community. She brings traditional family values, warmth, energy and nurturing pastoral care to Welland House. At Welland House, students live with a sense of purpose, identity and camaraderie, under the careful guidance of Mrs Hall, who is devoted to creating motivated, well-rounded students.

Year 11 - Year 13 Boys

Browne House

Miss Anneke Davies
Head of House of Browne House

Miss Davies already has plenty of experience of boarding, having been our Houseparent of Byard House since 2018. She also knows Browne House very well, having already worked as a resident tutor. Anyone who has visited Byard House in recent years will know ‘Miss D’ has developed a warm, inclusive and purposeful culture in Byard and we have no doubt she will do the same in the senior boys' House.

Mentor Support

Each house has its own Houseparent, and a dedicated team of staff comprising tutors and matrons.

Mentoring is a big part of our boarding culture: staff and other students – younger or older – give each other help, support and encouragement without prompting. After school, boarders also receive increased academic support from teachers during homework sessions.

A Day in the Life

Being A Boarder

Our boarders spend their time after school studying and spending time with their friends and housemates. 

This time with friends, collaborating and sharing experiences, often leads to very strong bonds being developed and enables lifelong friendships – which, as well as supporting each boarder’s wellbeing and happiness while they are at school, is the foundation for a lifelong network for the future. We organise each boarder’s daily life in a way that encourages and supports the formation of strong friendship groups.

A Day in the Life

This gives you an idea of what a student's day looks like;

7:00am - Wake Up
Boarding pupils wake up at 7am, get ready for their day.

8:00am - Breakfast
Boarders walk across to the main School for breakfast.

8.30am - The school day begins
Registration with Tutor Forms is first thing.

08:40am - Lessons begin
There are three blocks of lessons in the morning of 1hr 15mins. These are broken up with  breaks of 15mins.

12:55pm - Lunch
Pupils have lunch with their friends in the dining hall and have the opportunity to participate in numerous Co-Curricular clubs and activities.

2:05pm - Lessons begin
There are three blocks of lessons in the morning of 1hr 15mins. These are broken up with breaks of 15mins.

3:55pm - End of School day
This is officially the end of the school day and many go on to attend clubs.

4:00pm - Club time
Co-Curricular and sporting clubs begin.

5:00pm - Everyone home
Boarders head back to their houses ready for dinner

5:30pm - Dinner is served
This is served at the main school site

6:00pm - Homework time
This is an hour of protected time for students to do their studies

7:00pm - Free time
Time for all students to relax and play until bed

9:30pm - Bedtime
This time can vary, depending on the pupils age 


It is exceptionally important that students who board with us live near their school campus.

Having the lower years' Senior Boarding in the heart of the Stamford School site we will create a hub for our younger Boarding Houses. Whilst the boys' and girls' Houses will provide separate accommodation, we hope that their pastoral activities, trips, meals and downtime can be enjoyed together when appropriate. 


Whilst 80% of our boarders are from the UK, there is a spread of other nationalities giving boarders the opportunity to make friends with pupils from other cultures.

International Boarding

Military Families

Around a third of our boarders are from Forces families, whose parents are serving both across the UK and internationally. Funding through the CEA is available for military families.

Military Families

Boarding FAQs

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