Health & Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Meet the Team

The nursing team all have extensive experience, allowing them to deliver high standards of holistic and proactive care. Nurse–led ‘drop–in’ clinics are available throughout the school day, and the facilities are well equipped to do first aid and manage pupils with long term chronic health conditions.

The centres also provide health promotion - equipping students with the life skills required to manage their own health and wellbeing in the long-term. Our trained professional school counsellors are also available to all students if needing extra support.

Nursing Team

Lucy Beech

Helen Burney

Kay Dales

Pauline Hawkins

Sophie Wells

Counselling Team

Nikki Leeson-Astles

Karen Martin

Charlotte Plummer

Reena Rayhaman

Resources For You

We know sometimes outside agencies offer the best advice

We recommend the following sites for further reading, however, we are always available if you want to talk. 


Signposting children to supportive places in times of need.


Improving children's mental health in schools. A place to get advise on counselling and support.

Pastoral Team

If you have a concern about yourself or a pupil and want to speak to our own professional counsellors please do get in touch.