Wednesday 28th February 2024

Navigating Legal Horizons: Stamford Futures' first Careers Event

On Wednesday 7 February we saw the first in our series of careers events hosted by Head of Futures, Rebecca Candy.

Students and parents were able to gain knowledge and ask questions during a speed networking style event. Students were introduced to various branches of law allowing attendees to explore the multifaceted nature of the legal profession.

To facilitate meaningful interactions, the event incorporated panel discussions and a networking session to end the evening. Students and parents had the opportunity to engage in candid conversations with speakers, ask questions and seek guidance in their specific area of interest. This direct interaction allowed students to forge connections and hear firsthand experience that could prove beneficial in their future endeavors.

The success of the Law Careers Event was evident in the positive feedback from the students, families, and professionals. One parent voiced “all the speakers were knowledgeable and inspirational, each bringing their own direction to their presentation. Both my son and I learnt so much about studying Law and future careers.”

One of the event's standout features was the impressive line-up of guest speakers, including ten Old Stamfordians (1988 to 2020 leavers) and two of our current parents. The line-up included lawyers, accomplished prosecutors, adept barristers, experienced solicitors specializing in various fields, professionals in legal recruitment and entry-level solicitors. These speakers shared their individual experiences, offering valuable advice on navigating the complexities of law school, building a successful legal career, and adapting to the evolving landscape of the legal industry.

The involvement of our Old Stamfordian and parent community in events like the Law Careers Event holds immense significance. This community serves as a supportive network for current students, offering a bridge between academic life and the professional world they are about to enter. The Old Stamfordian community’s active participation in such events strengthens the sense of continuity and fellowship within the school, fostering a culture where past and present students collaborate.

The next Stamford Futures event will be held on Wednesday 6th March focusing on the field of Medicine. Find out more and book your ticket here.

What is Stamford Futures?

Our Head of Futures, Rebecca Candy explains:

Experience is a key theme driving student choice when making decisions about future courses and careers. We are thrilled to be able to offer Stamford students such a high quality experience at our Futures events, which boosts both their understanding of future pathways, and their confidence in making the right decision for them.

These Futures events provide an invaluable opportunity for our students to have meaningful engagement with employers, and to build or extend their professional network. They also facilitate further understanding of routes into various careers, and provide insight into the world of work. Being inspired by the passion of those already in their chosen career path strengthens the link between enjoyment and employment, which is what young people are looking for in a future job.

The more provision we can give to prepare Stamford students to feel confident in pursuing their dreams, the more in control of their futures they will feel, which in turn supports their mental health and future success. The more a student knows about a particular route, the more confident they will feel in embarking on that journey. Our Stamford Futures events are key in empowering our students to take hold of their future success with both hands, and to be the successful professional they can see. We hope that, in time, they will also return as young professionals to share their own successes and career tips with our Stamford students of the future.

If you wish to take part in future Stamford Future events and aid our students, please contact us.


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