Alumni Clubs’ Commitment to Members

The Old Stamfordian Club and SHS Old Girls’ Guild act for the benefit of their memberships. This principle is the basis for their ongoing aims: engagement, growth and development.

We Support Our Members

  • We provide news and events for members of their respective Club/Guild to benefit everyone as a whole.
  • We act in the interests of our members: for the growth, development and ongoing engagement of our membership.

We Are Professional And Personal

  • We are committed to maintaining high standards of accuracy in the information sent to our members.
  • We are committed to keeping members in touch with their community and the wider community of the SES Alumni Network and the Stamford Endowed Schools.

We Are Respectful And Fair

  • We are committed to making our policies and objectives available to our members.
  • We are respectful of privacy.
  • We are committed to maintaining accuracy and propriety with the information given to the Club/Guild.
  • We are committed to keeping data safe and processing it in line with the Privacy Statement of the Schools.

We Are Responsible And Accountable

  • The Stamford Endowed Schools Alumni Network is committed to aligning itself with the regulations set in the General Data Protection Regulations (2018).
  • We have a complaints procedure which can be made available upon request.

In the event that the Schools and/or Clubs/Guild cannot resolve a complaint, we accept the authority of the ICO to make a final adjudication.

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