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We have a proud tradition of educating military families at Stamford

Around a third of our boarders are from military families, whose parents are serving both across the UK and internationally. Our boarding houses are flexible to the needs of our families too, so if you return from deployment you can take your child out to lunch or dinner, or have a weekend visit

Our central location means we are accessible for many MOD establishments, making Stamford a popular choice for those families wanting continuity for their children in a home-from-home boarding environment. We offer a unique range of boarding options, from full, weekly, flexi and occasional packages, so there is a solution to fit every family’s needs. We also know how important a generous military fee offer is for serving personnel, along with no Saturday school, no exeat weekends and no additional charges for weekend activities – all things we offer at Stamford.


Our generous fee structure means that those in full receipt of Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) will be charged no more than 10% of our published boarding fees.

We have a great deal of experience with CEA applications and are happy to help military families through this process.

If you have any questions then please contact our International and Military Registrar, Alex Kennedy, on 01780 750380 or at

Refer a Forces Friend

If you refer a friend to us and both you and they confirm the referral and ‘friendship’ at the point of application or registration, we will give you £500 credit which can be offset against extras such as music lessons or trips and thus kept separate from your CEA claim. The first £250 is credited to your account when the pupil starts, and a further £250 credited on completion of their first year.


We provide a traditional boarding experience for seven days a week during term time.

Around a third of our boarders are from military families, whose parents are serving both across the UK and internationally. At Stamford we understand that the upheaval of frequent relocations and deployments can have an impact on the stability and continuity of a child’s education. We provide a consistent and supportive environment where children can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, irrespective of the transitions their families may undergo.

Mentor Support

Each house has its own Houseparent, and a dedicated team of staff comprising tutors and matrons.

Mentoring is a big part of our boarding culture: staff and other students – younger or older – give each other help, support and encouragement without prompting. After school, boarders also receive increased academic support from teachers during homework sessions.

Recent significant investment into pastoral provision means that Stamford students have a learning environment where they are happy, secure, feel listened to and cared-for. As a school we know that happy, cared-for students are most likely to thrive, and for our military families, we know that belonging and continuity are key. Our boarders are surrounded by friendly and helpful boarding, academic and support staff, along with a strong community of other boarding children.

We understand that military life can mean stress and upheaval to families, leading to a fragmented education. However, we are perfectly equipped to mitigate this with our in-depth knowledge of the military community and extensive experience of supporting students through our exceptional pastoral care.

Day-to-day, our students have access to a year group Student Support Manager, a Head of Year as well as their Form Tutor. The students are also supported by our school counsellors, safeguarding, health and wellbeing and behaviour teams who all work together under one pastoral umbrella. This ensures care is consistent and timely, providing an environment for our students to build resilience and strengthen their own wellbeing.

At Stamford, we believe collaboration with parents, tutors, staff and our wider community, is vitally important. This gives our students the tools they need to cope with the challenges life can throw at them and ensure they feel fully supported throughout. Where parents are elsewhere in the UK or overseas, our pastoral teams play a pivotal role in ensuring the wellbeing of boarders. Each of our boarding Houseparents bring their own unique family values, warmth, energy and nurturing pastoral care to their houses. Each house has purpose, identity, and camaraderie at its heart.


Boarders develop strong friendship groups. 

They can socialise in the town of Stamford, take part in sports or club activities, exercise in the gym, and go on weekend trips. This time with friends, collaborating and sharing experiences, often leads to very strong bonds being developed and enables life-long friendships – which, as well as supporting each boarder’s wellbeing and happiness while they are at school, is the foundation for a lifelong network for the future.

Social Programme

A busy and active social programme will enable your child to have as full a life as they would if they were at home with you.

We encourage them to visit friends, or if they want, to stay overnight with other day pupils or go out to events outside the school. Our boarding House Parents canvas the students’ interests when planning weekend activities and our students often enjoy fun outings to nearby adventures such as escape rooms, laser tag, the theatre, or dinner at a local restaurant.


All seven of our boarding houses are busy and vibrant and continue to be at weekends.

We have great transport links to nearby cities such as Cambridge, Lincoln, and London, which means a day trip further afield can also often be on the agenda. Closer to home, we are very fortunate to have Rutland Water (which has a fantastic Aquapark in the summer!) and Burghley Park on our doorstep, both of which our boarders enjoy in the warmer months.

I love boarding because of all the great people, including the amazing staff who continually help you out, always make you feel better when you feel sad and will encourage you to do things that you never thought you would enjoy until you tried them. 

We are also really close to town so you can pop into town and get what you want easily.

There is an hour of prep where you sit down and get all your homework done with access to the school computers which makes it a lot easier to work. This also gives you access to a teacher at all times to help out so you never get stuck on a piece of home work and you always get it done on time.

Year 8 Student, RAF Family

Here at Byard House, we have a strong community, and you will find that Year 7's are friends with older years and younger years. We get to joke around with staff and they are super nice!

Year 7 Student, Army Family

You can really tell that the teachers enjoy working in our thriving boarding house. You might think that older kids in Year 9 don't like the other younger years, but they are almost like our older brothers in Byard House. The Year 7's are funny and try and make a laugh out of anything. The Year 8’s love to burn energy, and whilst they are doing that they try and laugh along the whole way.

Year 8 Student, Army Family

The boarding house is like a second home and I have good friends here who I can count on.

Year 8 Student, RAF Family

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