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The admissions process should be an enjoyable and interesting experience for both you and your child. 

Our pupils, as well as our staff, enjoy welcoming new children, from their assessment day to when they join us.

Our Admissions Process

Step 1.
Make contact with Mrs Tracey

Mrs Tracey is your contact for all admission enquiries to Nursery through to Year 6 at Stamford Junior School.

Mrs Julie Tracey
Nursery and Junior School Registrar

01780 484420
Enquiry Form

Mrs Tracey will arrange for you to visit the school with your child(ren), meet with our Head Mr O’Reilly and to see the campus of our school and nursery for yourself. We have Open Days or Discovery Mornings that might be suitable or she can arrange for a personal tour if more suitable.

The admissions process should be an enjoyable and interesting experience for both you and your child. Mrs Tracey will ensure you and your family are looked after from your first enquiry to the day that your child joins us.

Step 2.

Next we will invite your child in to spend the day with us for an Assessment Visit.

Nursery School Visit

Our Nursery team will liaise directly with you once your application has been made. They will then work to ensure planned visits and taster sessions are organised at suitable times for your family. 

These visits are a wonderful way to ease your child into the setting and also allow you time to ask any further questions.

Junior School Visit

For the youngest children, we will observe them whilst playing with others, whilst the older children will be assessed in Maths, English and Writing. 

These assessments are online, and we use them alongside reports from their current school to build up an accurate picture of your child’s progress to date, without overwhelming them.

Step 3.

To confirm your application you must submit a completed application form and pay the £100 application fee.


How do I apply for a place at the Nursery?
What age do you take children from for Nursery?

We take children from two years old.

Is the Nursery open all year round?

Yes, however, we are closed for two weeks at Christmas and the usual bank holidays.

Can I claim the Government funded 15 or 30 hours free childcare for my three year old?

We take children with 15 hours of universal funding.

Are nappies included within Nursery fees?

No. Parents need to provide nappies, included swimming nappies if applicable, wipes and cream.

Are meals included within Nursery fees?

Yes, the fees listed here include lunch.

Does my child need a uniform at Stamford Nursery School?

This is not compulsory, but available from the School Shop if you wish.

What do I need to bring for my childs time at Nursery?

A bag with a change of clothes, a named waterproof coat and wellies.

Do you offer term time only contracts?

No, but there is no retainer fee required if you take your child out over the holidays.

Junior School
When should I start my application to Stamford Junior School?

Anytime but we advise to complete as soon as possible as some year groups fill up.

Can my child join the school mid-year?

Yes we are very flexible.

Do you have a waiting list for places?

If a certain year group is full, the Admissions team will be in touch with you as soon as a space becomes available.

Does my child have to sit an entrance examination to join Stamford Junior School?

Yes we use age appropriate assessments to ensure the children can access the curriculum and to see where they sit in their cohort. We would not set a child up to fail.

My child has Special Educational Needs. What provision do you have?

We have a full time and very experienced SENDCO that works with parents, teachers and pupils and a team of LSA’s that enable support either in or out of the classroom.

Will my childs current school be contacted throughout the application process?

With your agreement yes. We are obliged by the Independent School Body to make independent schools aware of the application once a form has been received.

Are school meals included in the fees?

Yes, the fees listed here include lunch.

My child has severe allergies, can these be catered for?

Yes we request an allergy form to be completed for the catering team and our staff and on site nurses are also made aware.

Do children attend school on a Saturday?

Occasional sporting events will require children to attend on a Saturday.

Is financial assistance available at the Junior School?

No, however, means tested bursarial support can be applied for from Year 7.

What wrap around care is available?

Pre-school and after-school care is available. More information can be found here.

What are the fees?

Discovery Mornings

Being interested in the school and keen to find out more is a great way to start. We run various events which are suitable for interested families from our Discovery Mornings to Productions the child take part in. 

For more details about these key dates please visit our Events Calendar and search 'New Starter'

Get In Touch

You may have heard about us from someone else, or are yourself an old Stamfordian who wants to see if Stamford is the right fit for your child. 

This form will let us know you are interested and we will get in touch with key dates and details of things that might be of interest to you.

Apply Today

When you know, you know, and there is no time like the present to get the paperwork started on your child's enrolment at Stamford Nursery and Junior School. 

We are ready and excited to hear from you and will be in touch with more details once you have submitted your application form.